“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”
― Kate Angell, Squeeze Play

If you're interested in preventing or overcoming illness, and improving your overall health & well-being beyond cosmetics, we have something new for you at Allure.

Vitamin IV Infusions

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  • Athletic support
  • Nutritional value
  • Energy boosting
  • Beauty enhancing
  • Immunity strengthening

Increased energy, strength, and ability to lose fat


Better moods, memory, and mental clarity


Restored sex drive and improved relationships


Studies have shown it can help with health protection.

IV Vitamin Therapy has been used for decades for a variety of conditions, from nutrient-absorption disorders to a simple hangover cure.


Oftentimes, vitamins and minerals are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract when using vitamin methods such as pills. By delivering specific nutrients straight to the bloodstream through an IV, the body can absorb them more effectively and better fuel itself with these essential vitamins and minerals. 

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